What to Know About the 2018 Walleye Hatch in Lake Erie


We’ve said for years that Lake Erie is the perfect place to be situated near for charters. It’s not only a tranquil and beautiful setting, but, also, the fisherman’s lake, with plenty of fish waiting to be caught. And in the spring of 2018, Lake Erie went above and beyond (again) to prove that!


The 2018 walleye hatch


Walleye Catch

Not since 2003 has Lake Erie seen such a huge walleye hatch, according to a survey done in August by the Ohio Division of Wildlife.


It was the second-largest in the lake’s history, and a gospel of good fortune for the fishing industry here, which had taken a hit in recent years due to the algal bloom, and other factors.


Needless to say, fishermen were happy.


According to the survey, 112 walleyes per 2.5 acres of lake bottom were found, which was way above the 20-year average.


Bag limit changes to watch out for


The catch has made local officials start to question the bag limit of six walleye from May to February, and four during March and April, as an estimated 40 million live in the lake.


The yellow perch hatch was also newsworthy: 511 per 2.5 acres of lake bottom, again placing it far above the 20-year average.


In news reports, boat captains and local experts broadcasted good years ahead for those in the Lake Erie area, which everyone has been excited to hear. It’s just another reason to join the charters out on the lake, as the next fishing season quickly approaches.


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